An Honest Review Of The Vapor Couture Bombshell Cartridges

Okay, I confess I am a smoker and I am not sure I want to fully recover. I’m just being honest. I went to the doctor and thought I wanted to fully quit, however, here is the thing, as a smoker who wanted to quit, I tried all of the ideas suggested to me by my doctor. I plotted out why I started to smoke, when I started to smoke and even how much I smoked. I cut down, tried to quit cold turkey. I tried the patch, I tried hypnosis therapy and so many other options. The thing that I learned was that I enjoyed smoking. I loved the taste. However, the more I thought about it, I did not like what the smoke was doing to my health. This is when I found the Vapor Couture through a this Vapor Couture coupon code and tried some of their products.

Vapor Couture coupon codeBecause I love the taste, vapor seemed to work well for me. Vapor Couture Bombshell offers me the same great taste with out all the bad stuff associated with a cigarette. I get the amazing full flavor of a rich tobacco. At the same time it is smooth and flavorful. The Vapor Couture Bombshell is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns too. There are a few other things I really like about this product too. For example, I love the fact that it is just like smoking a real cigarette. I love the selection too. You can get the pack of five vapor cartridges or you can the twenty pack. The other thing that is really cool is the strengths of the nicotine levels in these packs. I get to choose from four of strengths. This allows me to adjust the amount of nicotine I take into my body.

With the levels, I can start with a strong level like the 1.8 percent and work my way down to the 0 percent nicotine level if I want to quit. There are so many options with the Vapor Conture Bombshell and I really enjoy this flavor. I have tried many products and I have found this one is the best for my needs. I would suggest it to any smoker who is looking to try quitting or switching to vapor.